Thursday, October 21, 2004

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm now officially a sucker.

With a Blogger blog, for chrissake. That's what I get for dropping out of college: I could start an English blog on my old school account, but it will probably be gone next month.

So, yeah, there I am, with Tiger, El Gato, a reference to a 14 years old cat at my uncle's farm. What you must understand is that on said farm, cats live an average of two years. Tiger, however, has been alive and kicking ass since 1990. He once impaled himself on a bale needle. It went all the way trough his belly. My uncle took his body off the needle and left him for dead. He was not seen for a couple of weeks, but he finally made a reappearance, and ruled over the courtyard for many years. When I think about badass, I think about Tiger.


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